ERP and PDM

LOGIX provides PDM customization and implementation services, PDM Process Consultancy services, Software development for PDM and related applications including interfaces to ERP systems. We also provide application, database, network and systems installation and customization services which are specifically tailored for PDM/ERP environments.

What is PDM?
Product Data Management (PDM) is increasingly viewed as a tool to support the entire product definition lifecycle and to facilitate integration between the primary three product-related lifecycles within an enterprise: product definition, product production, and business operations support. Coordination and sharing of information between lifecycles is critical to a successful enterprise. PDM technology provides a way for systems to work together and exchange information at multiple points of continuous integration from design through manufacturing and support.
Competition in the global marketplace drives companies to reduce product costs while improving time-to-market and quality. In response, many companies have made major investments in CAD/CAM/CAE technologies in order to reduce the amount of time necessary to design and document products. However, the use of these tools has caused an explosion of information. It is increasingly difficult to ensure that critical engineering and manufacturing information reach the right people, at the right time. 
To address this issue, companies are turning to Product Data Management (PDM) technology. PDM allows companies to manage the large volumes of data generated throughout the entire product lifecycle. 

Selecting the Right System

There is no simple, one-size-fits-all PDM system. There are dozens of products, all with different strengths and weaknesses. So, how do you select the system that best fits your needs? You could choose to work with one or more vendors and try to adapt your needs tofit their products. Or, you could attend seminars, read product reviews, view dozens of demonstrations, benchmark the top contenders, and at the same time try to anticipate all the technological, organizational, cultural, and process obstacles to a successful implementation.  But time is short, the investment is substantial, and the learning curve is steep. 
Our primary expertise has been in delivery of Enterprise Solutions mainly in the field of Product Data Management(PDM) and ERP systems to enable management of company's product data and streamlining the processes, using the latest tools and technologies. LOGIX's data management group provides the right alternative. Combining over 10 years of CAD/CAM/CAE and PDM experience, LOGIX's consultants can help you navigate through the maze of technology and hype surrounding the PDM selection and implementation process. 

LOGIX provides the following services to assist our customers with the selection and implementation of PDM technology: 

Needs analysis 
Technology assessment 
Implementation planning 
Implementation execution 
System integration 
Contingency Planning 
On-going support 

LOGIX has developed its own Enterprise Solution Delivery Methodology which is very much along the lines of SDRC's SDM. This is a system life cycle approach which will encompass the following phases of Design and Development of PDM solution. The phases involved in this methodology are: 

Business Requirements 
Functional Specifications 
Detailed Design 
Programming Specifications 
Unit and Module Test 
System Test 
System Acceptance/Sign-Off 
Project Close-Out 
Contingency Plan 
Executive Summary

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